We’re Back! (a blogger’s story)

11 Nov

Wow, its certainly been a while.  Obviously you can tell I’m rusty at this by my terrible pun about a certain mid 90’s Don Bluth movie… I should apologize for how bad that title is..

Its that time of year.. when the weather gets colder, the leaves change color, and the aroma of turkey and douglas firs are just around the corner. The most nostalgic time of the year is approaching, and I find myself already craving Sears Wishbooks and Christmas cookies.  Due to these reasons, (and a slight case of loneliness and boredom.. I’m always depressed in the fall)  I’ve decided to make a commitment to blogging this pre-holiday season.  Unfortunately, my sudden resurgence of interest in blogging was forced to be put on hold for the past month or so because of a faulty wireless card (Stupid, Stupid HP!) but now I’m all revved up and ready to post lots of 80s randomness.

I’ve accumulated so many miscellaneous pieces of blog-worthy treasure, I’ve decided the best way would be to attempt to organize them at least into mostly cohesive posts.  As the name of my blog would suggest, I’m a huge fan of the Hasbro dolls and Sunbow cartoon series, Jem. While I’ve been a fan all my life, I’ve just recently started to expand my collection of Jem related merchandise, so I hope to make that the focal point of a series of posts in the near future.  But for now,  I’ll let Barbie steal the spotlight.

I picked this up over the summer actually, and never had a chance to post about it.

1988’s Superstar Barbie, MIB.

I was thrilled to find this again, it was probably one of my first and favorite Barbies as a kid. I love how iconic 80’s Barbie looks here. So over the top and glamorous. The stylish Ferrari she cruises around with Ken (and a young Jennifer Love Hewitt) in is pretty sweet too.

I also lucked out in finding a boxed Barbie Ice Cream Shoppe. The highlight of this playset is the built in Easy-Bake Oven style ice cream maker. I stumbled across this at a Goodwill, and couldn’t help picking it up despite the fact that its in a massive box and I have no room for it whatsoever. I couldn’t resist the packaging, I love the 80’s color scheme. Plus I vividly remember seeing commercials for this as a kid, and desperately wanting it.  I was like a little kid all over again, lugging this giant, (and heavy!) box up to the register with a huge smile on my face. Upon arriving home I was pleased to see that all the contents were still intact. However, I don’t think there is a chance in hell I’ll actually try to make ice cream with it though, no matter how thoroughly its cleaned. I cringe at the thought of there being 20 + year old sticky residue in there.   Although… it would make for an interesting post.



3 Responses to “We’re Back! (a blogger’s story)”

  1. Reaper November 18, 2008 at 7:39 pm #

    “I cringe at the thought of there being 20 + year old sticky residue in there.”

    I’m sorry, I just REALLY love ice cream. XD

    Also you might have SAD as Sunriser and Chiquita have the same thing…….

  2. Reaper November 19, 2008 at 11:44 am #

    Strange I can’t post my wiki link. But google SAD, its Seasonal Affective Disorder and usually affects young women in their 20’s and makes them depressed around the holidays and such.

  3. Reaper November 20, 2008 at 3:00 pm #

    Funny story, my old childhood neighbor/friend added me today on Facebook but I didn’t know who she was because she married and changed her last name.

    I was looking through her pics and she could pass for your sister, lol.

    Good news! I didn’t have to bite my tongue when I saw pics of her kids because they were genuinelly cute, so that should be a good sign for you and Dan someday. Haha

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