Jem Wrist Rocks 1987

23 Dec

I recently acquired a shipping carton and full set of the Jem “Wrist Rocks” watches from 1987.

This particular carton was destined for Seattle (which is an added bonus for me, because I’m a Seattleite)

Apparently although the item itself has no mention of it, the watches were also somehow related to famed Japanese toy company Takara.

Inside we find the complete set of 3 NIP watches. The digital watches have  themed designs, featuring a zebra print keyboard, a  neon orange cassette tape, and an LP with  “Jem” cover art.

Wrist Rocks were available in the Jem line during 1987, towards the end of its run.

The commercial features a trio of ultra-80s looking girls, sporting side ponies, and hideous hair bows.  As they  recite the jingle for the toys in a sing-songy manner, they prance around the stage performing a dance and shaking their hair. I miss those days.


One Response to “Jem Wrist Rocks 1987”

  1. Reaper December 23, 2008 at 9:50 pm #

    It looks gigantic from the way that you shot it! : 0

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