Strawberry Shortcake meets the Berrykins

25 Jun

This was always my favorite of all the animated Strawberry Shortcake specials. I mean, I loved Strawberry enough on her own, but throw in a princess, and some pretty dresses and new hairstyles and I am sold. The segment with the song ‘When I grow up’ (about 4 minutes in) always made me feel inspired, and full of wonder. I remember that was my absolute favorite part, perhaps because of that sort of music video style, maybe it reminded me of my other favorite cartoon, Jem. When I was little, I thought that’s how it would be. I’d be beautiful, the world would be covered in glitter, and every day would be full of dressing up in gorgeous dresses. And I think that at some point in my life, because of that, I was completely convinced, that one day I’d look just like someone from one of those cartoons, covered in that sparkly, shimmery 80s glow. That segment embodies most of my idea of how I thought the world would turn out to be. I always imagined life would feel like an 80’s cartoon, and I thought the world would be like one of my Barbie comics. And damnit, as far as I’m concerned I’m still trying my best to make it that way.


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