Super 90’s summer kick-off 2010

26 Jun

Well, it’s officially a week into summer, and today it finally hit me. I was pleased to find that when I stepped out the door, a glorious wave of pure summer sun washed over me. Combine that with about 16 episodes of Saved By The Bell, and a cart full of cool snack food discoveries from the grocery store, and you have a recipe for a great beginning to summer. It dawned on me earlier today, I realized that I felt… good. Like in an 80s/90s school is out- lets drink Kool-Aid and eat Starbursts way.
It's alright, 'cause I'm Saved by the belllll

I’ve been feeling pretty down and out this past week, and some how got into the habit of watching a lot of episodes of SBTB. It was so relaxing. It made me want to wear hideous floral print off- the- shoulder blouses and stone washed denim cutoffs.

I thought, man, this feels like summer. So, today, as I continue to take it easy and recover a little more, I shall continue to indulge in some retro summer-y goodness.

First up, I was delighted and excited to find the Super Mario fruit snacks I’d heard about! I perpetually have my “that’s so 80/90s, omg, I thought this was discontinued” radar on when it comes to food. I mean, I can sniff out a near-extinct pack of Kool-Aid Kool Bursts at my local Wal-Mart like no other. Daniel first told me about these new fruit snacks a week or two ago, and I’ve been on the look out for them ever since. It was a toss-up between these and the Phineas and Ferb variety, but I figured since I’d seen those around before, I might as well get these. It was a decision based partially on logic, partially on the fact that there is a STAR. That’s right, a Mario super star.

At first glance I can tell that these are the softer, squishier variety of fruit snack. I consider myself something of a fruit snack connoisseur, and so far, these looked good. When it comes to fruit snacks, there are two varieties, you either get the sticker, fruitier ones, such as these. Or, the firmer, chewier kind. These in particular remind me a lot of say, the old Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle variety, by Farley’s. For comparison, the best example of the other kind would be the cheap 2nd tier licensed character store brand ones, like ‘Snoopy’. You know the kind, the ones that seem kinda dried out and have that filmy sheen to them. I like both, personally. The latter brings back fond memories of Berry Bears fruit snacks.

There are six possible shapes offered here:
-Mario (red)
– Koopa Shell (purple)
– Star (yellow)
– Luigi (green)
– Yoshi!! (blue)
– Toad (orange)

Right off the bat my favorite is the star. Hands down. Of course, that might change if I could find one of those elusive Yoshi shaped ones. Once again Kellogg’s delivers fruity fun that can still be enjoyed, even if it’s not straight out of a lunchbox. Hey, at least now you can keep ’em all to yourself, instead of having to trade so that weird nerdy kid with the ill-fitting sweatpants gets off your back. And I am oh so pleased that this product came out just in time for my plans to sit on my butt all summer and play SNES. Not that I’d had anything to do with the popularity of Super Mario Galaxy 2. No, not at all. I’m sure on the side of the box, there is a slogan stating that these were made just for me.

Overall verdict:
3 out of 4 stars (Could have been higher if they’d added Peach to the lineup. No, Actually, it’s really only ’cause I ran out of stars… I ate the rest of them.) 😛


3 Responses to “Super 90’s summer kick-off 2010”

  1. Laura June 27, 2010 at 10:42 am #

    I know, I can’t believe that show was on that long either. It sucked. I don’t even consider it SBTB. By the way, I have come to the realization that you are totally Screech. Because I was listening to the commentary.. and I was like, huh, who is Dustin Diamond reminding me of.. and I was like, omg, he sounds like Grant. Its interesting, the commentaries on there, they just keep going on and on about stuff like ‘ohhh yeah, that kid’s mom was our wardrobe person’ and laughing over themselves, and the show. Its great.

  2. Grant Lauritzen June 27, 2010 at 5:35 pm #

    I guess it was the type of deal where they had nothing else to air in that timespot kind of like that horrid Carson Daly late night show that’s still on.

    LMAO! On the one I have there is no commentary or special features of any sort, so they must have added that in the later seasons.

    Your the first to ever tell me that. Do you mean in terms of his voice? I don’t have a lisp so I don’t think I’d sound much like the younger version of him but maybe the adult version, I’ll have to listen to my voicemail message and then hear him talk.

    • Laura June 27, 2010 at 5:55 pm #

      Lol… I mean in terms of voice.. (mostly 😛 !! hehehe) His adult voice, the way he speaks now, no not when he sounded all squeaky, lol.

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