Jemgirl goes to Comicon!

12 Mar

Last weekend I had the pleasure of attending my first Comic Con. Emerald City Comicon in Seattle (ECCC). I sort of went on a whim. I’d been toying with the idea for a couple weeks, but ultimately decided that I really wanted to go, plus I had several friends already planning to attend that I was able to meet up with. My main desire was to meet Bruce Boxleitner, or, TRON for those unfamiliar. After arriving a bit late to the photo op, I was still able to get an autographed 1982 style tron photo and take a pic with him. Not only was he super nice, but I was surprised, er, also a bit annoyed that I was one of the few people in line to be a real fan of the original. So many bandwagon “Tron Legacy” fans.

Of course, I had to wear my Tron tee to show off my nerdy awesomeness.  Since it was sort of last minute, I regret not thinking ahead about bringing some of my vintage Tron merchandise with me to get signed. I told him how I’d been a fan for years and was glad to see the film have a rise in popularity again. He smiled and laughed when I told him I had the original VHS and CED releases of Tron. Very cool to have met him, and later he was just wandering around the con, so I smiled and said thanks again to him.

After about an hour of getting semi-lost around the convention center (which was huge, and I had never been in before) I somehow managed to find my way around, check out a lot of cool stuff, spend way too much money, and meet up with my friends. That is, after playing phone tag with them for over an hour.  Seattle is full of nerds, so its no surprise that Emerald City Con was packed and is ever increasing in popularity.  I managed to get a text back from my pal Mike, and took a break from the craziness, I met up with him for some pizza after checking out a panel by Boom! Studios. I love that in the context of where we were, it made total sense to answer my phone and reply ‘I’m behind the unicorn’ as to where my location was.

I had the pleasure of meeting several artists, and getting a couple commissions done. I was thrilled not only to finally be able to pick up the first 4 issues of Boom Kids new Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers comic (which I hadn’t been able to find, anywhere!) but I also picked up the Darkwing Duck annual and had artist James Silvani do a custom Darkwing Duck cover sketch for me (update to come later, as I still have to pick it up from a friend of mine, after a full day at the con, I totally forgot to grab it before I left!)

Other highlights include:

Showtime Synergy

Very cool gal cosplaying as Synergy from Jem

Me & R2D2

Me posing ala He-man outside a make shift castle grayskull that one of the exhibitors had set up on the side of their booth.

Meeting Dan Parent,  current Archie comics artist who began working on Betty and Veronica in 1987. He’s doing an Archie style portrait of me that I should be receiving via mail sometime soon 🙂  Can’t wait to see it!

Hanging out with my cousins, who are all decked out in their Marvel gear.

And now for all the cool stuff that I purchased:

Two packs of vintage TMNT trading cards, with original box, for $1.50

Wuzzles and Moondreamers DVDs

Old comics: Madballs, a couple of 80’s Archie digests, 90’s Disney Afternoon, a couple of Marvel Barbie comics ( I LOVED those growing up!) two issues of Amethyst Princess of Gemworld and a Silverhawks comic 🙂

New Comics (all Boom! Studios releases)

Muppet show, Darkwing Duck annual and Rescue Rangers issues 1-4

Close up of Muppets comic. A special edition for ECCC, Miss Piggy and Kermit skydiving over the Space Needle 🙂  !!

All in all I had a FABULOUS weekend, so much fun. I will definitely be going to more cons in the future! Possibly even go really nerdy and dress up next time.  Sigh, well the only complain I have is  that I must have picked up some kind of cold while there, because a few days later I got sick, and currently still am. Gah, I’m tired just from blogging. Other than that life is going great, I’m thrilled with anticipation for my fiance’s return shortly, and hopefully I”ll be feeling much better by then.  More blogging to come soon! (cause it’s not like I have much else to do at the moment :p)


2 Responses to “Jemgirl goes to Comicon!”

  1. Daniel March 12, 2011 at 4:16 pm #

    Can’t wait to watch that Moondreamers DVD!

    Oh and I want Dan Parent’s shirt.

    • Laura March 12, 2011 at 4:19 pm #

      Yeah! I’m excited too! I’ve only got like one episode of it on VHS, so it was awesome to pick up the whole series.

      And I’m not surprised, its totally your kinda shirt. You’d look hot in it, lol. Too bad you weren’t there, otherwise we could have commissioned an archie portrait of the two of us, classic milkshake pose, perhaps? lol. It was cool, he took a pic of me with his iphone for reference.

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