Disney Afternoon discovery

25 May

I have had tremendous luck finding lots of cool stuff at thrift stores and garage sales lately, and have planned a couple upcoming posts about all of it. However, this afternoon I stumbled on what I’m certain is the greatest discovery of the whole lot. Better yet, it took me by complete surprise.
Exhibit A:
an entirely blank VHS box, no writing, no labels whatsoever. Inside a blank tape. No indications of what may be on it whatsoever. I picked it up thinking ‘you never know’ it’s always fun to at least take a chance on what you may uncover, so I grabbed it. Without having any clue to what may be on the tape itself, you’re not sure if you’re gonna get absolute junk or something marginally interesting, in which the commercials make up for it. Well today I jumped with joy (literally, I was cheering and dancing around my house.) When after about 2 minutes of Sally Jesse, it cut to an ad break (score #1, it has ads!) I was able to date it to 1992 from that.. so far little expectations and then………….
Exhibit B:

YEAH. THE DISNEY FREAKIN’ AFTERNOON. It’s only been on my list of holy grail recordings since I started collecting. I am ecstatic. I will probably update this once I finish watching it, but so far, Ducktales has been first in the lineup. SCORE!


2 Responses to “Disney Afternoon discovery”

  1. George Taylor July 2, 2011 at 7:19 pm #

    I can totally understand that feeling. It happened to me a few times at used stores. Things I’ve always wanted but were only rare things you had to order online. I found some great equipment also, a beta deck and some tapes (I was tempted to get this), and s-vhs. This would’ve been $1000 new but I got it for $20 🙂
    I was wondering if you’d be willing to play a test signal to beta for me, I can write a program to simulate the look of it. And I’m really interested in a capture from a selectavision. On youtube they only show it on a TV, but I mean a real capture hooked directly to it.

  2. Mcorse01 September 14, 2011 at 5:56 pm #

    Hi, Jemgirl –

    I think it’s great that you collect so many vintage television programs! I found out about your site via Retrojunk and was wondering if you might be able to help me. I’ve been searching for quite sometime for a Disney special from 1989, Mickey’s Happy Valentine Special. Also, I have been looking for blocks of programming from the vintage Disney Channel; in particular, airings of Avonlea, Welcome to Pooh Corner, classic Disney films/shows, and animation anthologies (Good Morning, Mickey, etc.). I have some rare things available for trade, and I’m still cataloging my (unfortunately reduced) collection. But these would certainly mean a lot to me if you had them, or maybe give me some direction as to how I would obtain them. Thanks for your help and all that you do for vintage TV fans!

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