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Jem collection update

30 Apr

Finally getting around to organizing my dream room full of 80’s stuff. It is a work in progress, but thanks to how perfect my new Ikea cabinets are.. some of Jem dolls are ready to be shown off in style! More pics to come as the room evolves into something truly outrageous.

Hasbro Jem dolls

First display case for Jem


Showtime Synergy!

14 Oct

This is a super quick update of all the outrageous happenings in the Jem world right now. As most of you know, this weekend Hasbro will be mentioning Jem at NYCC. So far, there has been a vintage display setup, alongside some new t-shirts. All we know now is there is new licensed merchandise available. This will be updated later today when there is more info and I’m not so busy. However, I leave you with this: an image of a promotional comic for hasbro’s ‘new’ old lines… check out this gorgeous Jem comic illustration!!

More JEM updates from the Hub

24 May

Just a quick post to show off this great screencap from the hub’s website.. Beyond amazing to see Jem being promoted in 2011. Hope you’re all getting ready for her triumphant return, this Saturday!