Showtime Synergy!

14 Oct

This is a super quick update of all the outrageous happenings in the Jem world right now. As most of you know, this weekend Hasbro will be mentioning Jem at NYCC. So far, there has been a vintage display setup, alongside some new t-shirts. All we know now is there is new licensed merchandise available. This will be updated later today when there is more info and I’m not so busy. However, I leave you with this: an image of a promotional comic for hasbro’s ‘new’ old lines… check out this gorgeous Jem comic illustration!!


Presenting.. Mr. and Mrs. Nerdalicious

22 Aug

Well, It’s been a while.. I’ve got tons and tons of stuff to blog about, and possibly even a new blog to start! I’ve been gone so long, because I’d been busy planning my wedding.

And now I will share with you a quick snap my cousin took of our lovely cake topper. The new hubby and I wanted to really express ourselves.. so what could be more us than a custom “Han and Leia” cake topper made out of vintage figures?!  Han is sporting a ribbon bow-tie and I made Leia a lace cape.

vintage han and leia figures :)

Disney Afternoon discovery

25 May

I have had tremendous luck finding lots of cool stuff at thrift stores and garage sales lately, and have planned a couple upcoming posts about all of it. However, this afternoon I stumbled on what I’m certain is the greatest discovery of the whole lot. Better yet, it took me by complete surprise.
Exhibit A:
an entirely blank VHS box, no writing, no labels whatsoever. Inside a blank tape. No indications of what may be on it whatsoever. I picked it up thinking ‘you never know’ it’s always fun to at least take a chance on what you may uncover, so I grabbed it. Without having any clue to what may be on the tape itself, you’re not sure if you’re gonna get absolute junk or something marginally interesting, in which the commercials make up for it. Well today I jumped with joy (literally, I was cheering and dancing around my house.) When after about 2 minutes of Sally Jesse, it cut to an ad break (score #1, it has ads!) I was able to date it to 1992 from that.. so far little expectations and then………….
Exhibit B:

YEAH. THE DISNEY FREAKIN’ AFTERNOON. It’s only been on my list of holy grail recordings since I started collecting. I am ecstatic. I will probably update this once I finish watching it, but so far, Ducktales has been first in the lineup. SCORE!