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It Came From the 80s- Nerds Soap

15 Jun

Random profiles of things from my collection of 80s stuff.


Jem collection update

30 Apr

Finally getting around to organizing my dream room full of 80’s stuff. It is a work in progress, but thanks to how perfect my new Ikea cabinets are.. some of Jem dolls are ready to be shown off in style! More pics to come as the room evolves into something truly outrageous.

Hasbro Jem dolls

First display case for Jem

Presenting.. Mr. and Mrs. Nerdalicious

22 Aug

Well, It’s been a while.. I’ve got tons and tons of stuff to blog about, and possibly even a new blog to start! I’ve been gone so long, because I’d been busy planning my wedding.

And now I will share with you a quick snap my cousin took of our lovely cake topper. The new hubby and I wanted to really express ourselves.. so what could be more us than a custom “Han and Leia” cake topper made out of vintage figures?!  Han is sporting a ribbon bow-tie and I made Leia a lace cape.

vintage han and leia figures :)