I love pretty much anything and everything to do with the 80s. I’m an advertising addict, and I love vintage food packaging. My fascination with this decade has always had a strong presence in my life. I feel very lucky to have grown up surronded by, in my opinion, the greatest cartoons, music, toys and snack foods of all time. I’m a Seattle girl, and I enjoy singing and music. I collect VHS tapes, Hasbro Jem dolls, miscellaneous retro-related ephemera, and nearly all 80s toys and related licesend merchandise . My hobbies include watching old recorded TV broadcasts, dissecting old magazines for print ads, and hunting for cool stuff in thrift stores. I’m a huge Disney fan, and I’m also a girly girl, I love pink sparkly shiny stuff.

The amazingly awesome Laura, aka Jemgirl86.

Favorite 80s cartoon series: Jem

Favorite toy line: MLP

Favorite 80s song: Always something there to remind me

Favorite 80s movie(s): Labyrinth, Breakfast Club, Pretty in Pink

Misc. random stuff I like that I feel like mentioning at this given moment in time:

A Goofy movie.  Flight of the Conchords.  Maison Ikkoku.  Pink gatorade.   Ebay.  seriously, thank God for ebay.   Goodwill.  Rainbow Chip frosting.


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